Frank T Hogg

Darn Near Done

Finally! I've got the book done except for a few small formatting issues that shouldn't take long. Of course that's what I said a couple weeks ago. This time is different and I really am almost done. I'll spend Thursday fine tuning it and I will upload it on Friday to Amazon. Then I'll do the same at Barnes&Noble. Together they cover 85% of the market with Apple bringing up a distant third.

Much to my surprise and displeasure Apple is the most difficult to deal with. They are third and not trying very hard at all. Apple is usually on top of these sorts of things but Amazon and B&N have them beat hands down. Both of them have apps that run on my Mac to read their books. Apple doesn't and that's amazing. I have to use the B&N Nook reader for the Mac to read Apple ePub books.

Apple requires that I go through what they call an aggregator, a middle man who takes a piece of the royalty just for uploading the book. That rubs me the wrong way too. The short answer is putting my books on Apple's iBookstore is low priority. Just get the free Kindle or Nook app for your Mac or iPad/iPhone and get the book there for now.

I'll put all that info in a page on the right side after I get the book uploaded.

Amazon says it will take up to 48 hours before it is on their site for sale. You can bet I'll be having a party when my book goes live.

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