Frank T Hogg

Sample Story #1

The Sneak-A-Peek

We lived on Taylor Ave until I was five years old. Being that young I don’t remember much but I do remember we had a maid, a very pretty girl or so I thought at the time. She was probably a teenager at best and her parents lived out in the country. Years later while driving in that area my parents stopped and we visited with her. She had turned into a beautiful woman. 

Back when she was taking care of us a plot was brewing. 

I have 4 older brothers. Tom +2 years, John +8 years Bruce +12 and Bill +16. When I was 5 John was 12 and Bruce was 17 and very interested in the maid. We have no sisters so the maid was the only female in the house besides my Mom. One day John and Bruce plotted to see the maid naked or attempt too. Our house had a second floor balcony that went all the way across the back and one of the windows was into the bathroom. Many times my brothers tried and failed to sneak a peek at the maid while she bathed. So, they went for the next best thing. The took me aside and ‘suggested’ I should barge in on her while she was bathing and then tell them what I saw. I was to get a good look so I could report everything. Hell, I was five, what did I know. They waited until the maid had gone in and after an appropriate amount of time they sent me in. I opened the door and went in. The maid was already in the tub and I couldn’t see a damn thing. I was five remember and not tall enough to see much over the rim of the tub or if I saw anything I wouldn’t know what it was. She threw her wash cloth at me and told me to get out. The Two Musketeers then grilled me for every detail. 

“What did you see when she threw the wash cloth at you?” They said.

“Nothing, I ducked” I said. 

“Before that, could you see her nip-, I mean her chest?” They said.

“No, she was under the water.” I said. 

“Well, hell, did you at least see a bare knee?” They said.

“No,” I said. 

“Don’t tell Mom about this or you’ll get in trouble.” They said.

“Okay,” I said.

The next day while my brothers were outside playing the maid took me aside and asked me if my brothers put me up to coming in while she was taking a bath. I said yes, after all they didn’t say I couldn’t tell the maid. She smiled and said she could hear them outside the bathroom window trying to look in and when she didn’t hear them she thought they were up to something. She seemed tickled they would do that. Me, I was five and didn’t have a clue why all this was going on.