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"Doin' The Southwest Adventure Caravan 2015" eBook

This eBook has hundreds of hot links to campgrounds, destinations and interactive maps to help you create your own caravan. 572 pictures, 56 interactive maps in over 430 pages. Due to the large size and interactive nature of the eBook it is not available as a printed book.

This Book Is Written For:

(1) Anyone who wants to read about or make this trip, be it tent camping or any RV, it doesn’t have to be a Airstream.

(2) For those who like to read a humorous account of 50+ days of travel in a Airstream Caravan throughout the Southwest four corner states of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.

(3) For those who have wondered what an Airstream Caravan is like, and what to expect while traveling on a caravan.

(4) For those who would like to do and go where this caravan went but don’t have the time to do it all at one time. Doin' The Southwest Adventure Caravan 2015 eBook: Frank T. Hogg: Kindle Store

Special Report: The Keyhole Seven

Special Report: The Keyhole Seven | Outside Online

On day 25 of our caravan we arrived at Zion, just one day after these seven people died. It was an eire feeling because they were in the same campground as we were and the rangers had roped off their campsites. My thoughts on this are in day 25 and 26 of the book. Very sad.

Doin' Sugar video links

These YouTube videos and almost all of the pictures in this book were taken by me with an iPhone 6S Plus. My hands tend to shake which is why some of the pics are blurry. Other pictures were taken by Jo Alderman or other sources properly attributed. (I hope)

Some links to more pictures on Facebook:

Doin' Sugar: I'm doing a play for the first time based on the film, "Some Like It Hot!" - Kindle edition by Frank T. Hogg. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @

Doin' Sugar: I'm doing a play for the first time based on the film, "Some Like It Hot!" - Kindle edition by Frank T. Hogg. Arts & Photography Kindle eBooks @

Yup, the book is now available... Enjoy!

Wading through photos

I will include several dozen back stage photos I took while doing the play. Things I never knew existed and things that I think are interesting to see. What I discovered doing the play is that what the audience sees is just the tip of the tip of the iceberg. What goes into making it is fascinating. I'm told the Cocoa Village Playhouse is very unique and as close to a real Broadway Theatre as you'll find outside of NYC.

I have over 600 photos so it's turning into a real project just deciding which ones to include. The other thing I think is interesting is what the girls look like before and after they have their stage makeup and costumes on. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell who is who.

Back to work if I'm going to make that deadline...

My Second Book, "Doin' Sugar" is almost ready

Doin' Sugar is about my recent experience doing the play, Sugar, based on the movie, Some Like It Hot. I never did anything like this before and I wanted to document everything about it. I think you'll find it very interesting. My target release date is the end of April 2016.