Frank T Hogg

Behind the title, “Yikes, you can see my underpants”

Behind the title, “Yikes, you can see my underpants”

Several years ago I used the cover picture of me and the title of this book for a card to send to my Aunt Adelaide, the matriarch of our family. It got a huge laugh from everyone so I thought as my life has been a fun and funny ride that this title fit well. 

Then as I wrote the book I came to realize that the title meant more than that. I was bearing my soul and by the time I finish this series of books everything there is to know about me will have been exposed, as if I were standing before you in my underpants. But I won’t tell absolutely everything and I won’t stand in front of you naked either. It turns out to be a very fitting metaphor for a book about many of the funny and poignant moments that happened in my very interesting life.

What about, “A mostly true, entirely plausible story”

I wanted to cover my butt is the first answer. The second is that I may remember things a little differently than my siblings do, that may show me in a better light than what they remember. Plus stories of events in the past get tempered with time. The good and funny things overshadow the bad things. I remember it hurt a lot when I broke my leg but I don’t remember the pain itself. 

What I’ve written here is all (mostly) true, nothing made up (much), everything happened (more or less) the way I wrote it… (Probably.)