Frank T Hogg

The Kindle Fire, I think I'll keep it.

The Fire has been receiving a lot of press and for good reason. It's the first and likely only tablet that might rival Apple's iPad in the tablet market. But to be clear, it is not an iPad killer, not even close to that. But that's not what it was supposed to be. In my mind, it was designed to consume Amazon content, eBooks, music and video. It does that very well. It's a nice e-reader, it plays video nicely and I assume music too. But it wasn't designed to do all the iPad does. The iPad does much more and costs much more. Is it worth it? That depends on what you want it for and how much money you have to spend. If you can afford it, the iPad is the clear winner. But if all you want to do is the three main things listed above then the Fire works just fine. It does some other stuff, like games, email and web surfing, but not as good as the iPad. It is good for looking up something you just saw on TV while sitting on the couch. But web surfing is not it's strong suit.

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you will find the Fire comes up short in many frustrating ways too numerous to mention. I assume that in time Amazon will fix these shortcomings or try too, but right now you won't think it's ready for prime time. 

If you are not a iPhone or iPad user then it will be fine, you won't know what you are missing and it will seem great. If you are an Android phone user then you are used to the shortcomings and rough edges of Android and it will be great for you too.

Plus it only costs $199 or $149 as I showed in a post below. I almost sent it back because I am an iPhone user and have used iPads a lot. I decided that because it does what I originally wanted it for, reading and proofing my eBooks, that I would keep it. I have managed to sideload (loading apps and data via USB) the B&N Nook app and a lot of other stuff and I think I might one day be able to sideload epub format eBooks for proofing too. I haven't pursued that yet.

The old adage is true, you do indeed get what you pay for.

My Book is Now Available from Apple

I've been a Mac user since 1984 and having my book available from Apple on the iBookstore is really cool.

Buy An Amazon Kindle Fire for $150!

I did this by accident. You may have heard that Amazon came out with three new Kindles. The first is only $79 and has ads. I felt it would be helpful for me to use the Kindle for proofreading because sitting at the computer screen for hours is bad for my back and a strain on my eyes.

I thought the Kindle Touch would be a better deal at $99 but 6 weeks ago the only one you could buy was the $79 Kindle. I ordered it and used it for a few weeks. I didn't like the fact that it was not a touch screen and I was planning to send it back to get the Kindle Touch. Then one of the ads that appears on the Kindle  had an offer to Kindle owners for a $50 credit for a Amazon credit card. I decided to get it.

That left me with a dilemma.

I had planned to buy the $99 Touch but now for only $50 more I could get the Fire. Never mind that I could also use that credit to get the Touch. It only took me a few hours to talk myself into getting the Fire for $150.

I've had it a few days now and for what it costs it is a good value. It's no iPad but it is good enough for what I wanted to do, actually better because of the larger screen. There is one other benefit for me. I loaded an ePub reader on the Fire and that means I can proofread in both Kindle format and ePub format. ePub is used by every other ebook seller including Apple and Barnes and Noble. That makes the Fire a better deal than the Touch.

However the Fire is a backlit LCD which is not as easy on the eyes as the eInk display of the other Kindles. But none of them could run the ePub reader. I've found that if I change the screen to white on black it is much easier on my eyes.

It's a lot of trouble to get the Fire for $150 but it would give you a chance to try the eInk reader first. You may like it better anyway. I can't say that that $50 credit will be there for you. You'll just have to take your chances.

Here's the details from the email from Amazon: (I actually got it for $149, but who's counting.)

Your Shipment Details items (Sold by Amazon Digital Services, Inc.):

  Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi 

  Item Subtotal: $199.00
  Shipping and Handling: $0.00

  Shipment Total: $199.00 
  Paid by Visa: $149.00 
  Paid by Gift Certificate: $50.00

Both Print and Kindle Books are on Amazon

Still no news from Apple but you can now order both types of book, print and Kindle from

Apple's iBookstore Coming Soon

Apple accepted my application for the iBookstore and I have uploaded the book. I've heard that it can take up to two weeks for them to make it available for purchase. I'll post more info when I get it.

Next I'm working on getting set up with the other eBook sellers. Turns out there's quite a few of them. This is tedious work that takes time from what I'd really like to do, writing. Once it's done it'll be easier for my next books.

I am making some headway on my second book. It's a travel book with a different slant then you would normally find. I don't have enough done yet to show but I'll put up a teaser as soon as I do.

Print Version Now Available for Purchase!

It's finally here! You can now order the printed version of, Yikes, you can see my underpants! here!

222 Pages of pure fun!

Product Description:

There was nothing special about Frank. He thought he was an ordinary guy, living an ordinary life until one day he discovered that wasn't true. This book relates some of his early adventures that show just how unordinary Frank is. A very pleasant, humorous, insightful and throughly enjoyable read.

Proof Came in Today

It looks great so I'll be working on making it available to everyone very soon. I'm very proud of the book and the way it turned out. Sometimes it's hard to believe I really did it.  I've been wanting to do it for so many years that it's almost anti-climatic now that it's done.

2nd Proof on the Way

After about 200 changes/corrections and additions the second proof of the printed book has been ordered and is on it's way to me. I should get it Monday and if everything is okay it will be available for purchase. (Yippee) One thing I've learned is that it takes roughly 3 times longer to proof and edit than it did to write it. While I'm waiting for that I'll upload the new copy, Version 1.1, to Amazon and B&N and then look into other book stores such as Apple. I can see why many authors let someone else do this work. I'm determined to follow through and decide if I want to do it this way for the next book.