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Honey, Maple, Peanut Butter Sandwich

I like PP&J sandwiches. Occasionally I'll use honey instead of jelly. The problem is that honey soaks through some breads and that makes it kinda messy to eat. I also like Smuckers Natural peanut butter but it is kind of a pain because you have to mix it before you can use it. This is difficult when the jar is new because there isn't much room to stir it. I usually dig down and get some solid peanut butter a few times until there's more room in the jar. Then I mix it and keep it in the refrigerator which stops it from separating.

I was about to do this one day last week when I noted the honey setting behind the peanut butter and decided to experiment. I poured off the peanut oil and replaced it with honey and added some pure maple syrup because I noticed that too. You have to add a lot more honey than the oil you took out to make it spreadable. But after about 4 days the peanut butter started to get really stiff so I added even more honey and heated the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds.

This combo tastes really good and it doesn't separate like the peanut oil. The other advantage for us lazy bastards is you only have to put one thing on the bread instead of two. Kinda like Goober Grape but with better tasting peanut butter.

I'll update this in a bit to let you know it adding more honey kept it soft enough to spread over time.

Update: The honey didn't make it softer. As a matter of fact I had to nuke it for 30 seconds to make it soft enough to use until it was gone. Tastes good. I'll do it again on my next jar but I'll not pour off the peanut oil this time.

Update: It works much better if you do not pout off the peanut oil. The resulting mixture has the added benefit of not separating and no more need to stir before use.

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