Frank T Hogg

ISLAGIATT - It Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time...

I ran across this site, Breadtopia and watched some very interesting videos about bread making. One of them talked about letting the dough set for many hours, 8 or more and that doing that developed character or some such. I thought that letting the dough set overnight would require no work and therefore fall into the "lazy" category. I mixed up a batch as noted below, transferred it to a bowl and let it set overnight for about 16 hours. Then I transfered the dough to the baking pans. It looked a little odd but I attributed that to the character it received by that long setting.

Then the trouble began. After 2 hours it became obvious the dough wasn't going to rise enough to bake. I "guess" the yeast had died. Not wanting to waste it I put it back in the bread machine, added yeast, salt and sugar and ran the dough cycle again. Then back into the pans and wait for it to rise and then bake it. The resultes were exactly the same as if I hadn't bothered doing all that, "character" stuff.

Live and learn.

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