Frank T Hogg

App Glut

The App Store has around a half million apps, a lot of them free and I have done my best to get far too many of them. I have 291 in iTunes but only 228 on my iPhone. I don't know what most of them do. It's gotten to the point were when I hear of a new neat app and I attempt to download it I find I already have it.

I 'almost' downloaded, 'Path' just now but I realized that with such a non-descriptive name I would soon forget what it is, does or that I even have it. And if that isn't bad enough I also have 632 songs, 1,019 photos and 34 videos. I rarely use my iPhone to listen to music so why do I have 632 songs on it? Simple, because there's room for them. Even with all that I have 6.5GB free, that's 6,500MB or enough for 2,000 more songs and still have room left over. Now you can get an iPhone with 64GB which is TWICE what I have now! Imagine what it'll be next year or 5 years from now. What in the world are we going to do with all that room?

I was watching a show on about new stuff and they mentioned a neat app for the iPad called, "Paper". At first I assumed it was a way to eliminate paper in an office or something along those lines. No, it's a drawing program! I guess, "Draw" was taken. My point is that there are so many apps that descriptive names and icons are pretty much useless. There is no easy way to know what any of these apps do without running them. It would be nice if Apple or Google could find a easy way around this.

In the meantime I'm going to start deleting extra apps... As soon as I figure out what they do.

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