Frank T Hogg

I never thought I'd be doing this!

I've enjoyed the warmer weather here in southwestern Virginia since I moved her from Central New York almost 4 years ago. There have been a few surprises I wasn't expecting. Several new species of bugs I hadn't seen before and the threat of snakes although I've never seen one.

The most noticeable thing for me was the grass, or what substitutes for grass in my lawn. During the summer I usually have to cut it every 3-5 days rather than the two weeks back in CNY. Of course the season is longer here so I have to start earlier and cut longer but I never thought I'd have to cut the grass on December 19th! I put the mower away weeks ago thinking I was done for the year but for the last week I've watched the grass get longer and longer and it became obvious another cutting was in the works. Oh well, I could always use the exercise and it wasn't all that bad. I'm pretty sure I'm done for this year but I don't know how soon I'll have to start again next year. Still, cutting grass beats shoveling snow any and every day.

Merry Christmas!

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