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On November 11th I uploaded the updated and corrected version 1.1 of my book, "Yikes, you can see my underpants!" to Amazon. If you look at the Look Inside feature or download the Free Sample you will get version 1.1. But if you buy the book you will get version 1.0. Amazon is aware of this but has not fixed it yet and there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it until they do. I am embarrassed that version 1.0 of the book with all those errors is still being sold by Amazon.

Therefore, I have decided to give everyone a free full copy of version 1.1. It has over 200 corrections and several pages of additions that I thought everyone had gotten.

If you haven't bought the book then please enjoy this free copy as my present to you. If you have bought it then please judge it and me by this version and not the one with all the errors

To read this eBook you need the information available here: Yikes, You can see my underpants!: Here is How to Buy and Read the Book

Please note that print copies of the book were always version 1.1.

To get your FREE copy just email me with the words, "Free Book Kindle" or "Free Book ePub" in the subject line. ePub is the format Apple, B&N and just about everyone else uses.

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas,

Frank Hogg

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