Frank T Hogg

Ah, the first day of spring is upon us…

Many years ago while suffering through yet another cold, dreary, snowy, miserable Syracuse New York winter I looked for a way to make it through. I decided that winter was a state of mind created by the devil or maybe politicians. (Please excuse the redundancy.) I decided that I could change my state of mind by redefining winter to something I didn't mind. 

I started with summer. As a kid summer was defined by school. It was July and August and then back to school. Two months is too short for a good summer. I thought about it and concluded that summer really started with Daylight Saving Time. That's when the days suddenly get longer and everyone feels good. Therefore my Summer starts with Daylight Savings Time.

What about Spring? The days start getting longer on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. From the 21st on each day gets longer so what better time to start Spring.

What about Fall? It follows that Fall starts when we go back to Standard Time.

So far we have Spring, Summer and Fall and if you've been paying attention you'll notice there is no winter. I'm fine with that but others said we should have a 'winter'. I don't have one in my calendar but to appease those who want a winter I would suggest Winter starting on Christmas morning or eve and ending on New Year's Day. For me today is the first day of spring, the rest will have to wait 10 more days, it's up to you.

My calendar for now through 2012

12/21/2011 First Day of spring
3/11/2012 First Day of Summer and Daylight Saving Time
11/4/2012 First Day of Fall and Standard Time
12/21/2012 First Day of Spring

Happy First Day of SPRING!

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